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Warne Chemical not only talks seed – We stock seed!

Call for Seed recommendations and advice on proper seeding today!

Alfalfa Seed – Bagged Seed Oats & Wheat – Alfalfa Seed – Inoculant – Triticale & Hay Barley – Hay Milet Sorghum – Sudan – Roundup Ready Alfalfa – Seed Corn – Sunflowers & Grain Sorghum – Range & Pasture Grasses – Wildflowers – Buffalo & Native Grasses – Custom Mixes – Cover Crops – Turf & Lawn Seed – Germination Blankets – Starter Fertilizer

Turf Grass Seed Blends

Looking for Plant Health Care – We’ve got you covered!

Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. has been taking care of trees and shrubs in the Rapid City area since 1956. We use only the latest technology to control the problems quickly and effectively. Now, you and your company can use the same high-quality products and techniques. A few of the products we sell include the following:

Mauget Micro Injection Insecticides and Fungicides
Tree Tech Microinjection Systems
Doggett Tree Fertilizers
Microbial Biotechnology


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