Superior Lawn Care for Your Rockerville Lawn

Ensure the Growth and Vitality of Your Rockerville Trees and Shrubs With Warne Chemical

Like Mount Rushmore, Rockerville trees and shrubs stand tall, convey a sense of power, and symbolize our heritage. Monumental in stature, trees rise above our landscapes, telling a story all their own while shrubs and other vegetation decorate and beautify our lawn’s existence. At Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. we understand how important your beloved lawn ornaments are and want to invest in their protection as much as you do.

Our team includes individuals certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and the South Dakota Arborists Association. We have been taking care of trees in Rockerville and the surrounding area for over 50 years. Our tree and shrub care program will ensure your trees and shrubs’ growth and vitality, protect them from specific diseases and pests, and increase their hardiness and longevity. Some of the most common insects and diseases that plague the Rockerville area include:

  • Insects
  • Aphids
  • Ash bores
  • Birch bores
  • Elm leaf beetle
  • IPS Engraver beetles
  • Mountain pine beetles
  • Oyster shell scale
  • Spider mites
  • Pine sawfly
  • Diseases
  • Apple scab
  • Canker
  • Diplodia tip blight of pine trees
  • Dothinstroma needle blight of pines
  • Dutch elm disease
  • Fire blight
  • Maple tree decline
  • Wetwood

For those Rockerville residents and businesses not looking for an ongoing yearly plan, Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. offers a separate, general tree spraying to help eliminate and prevent common insects and diseases.

We also offer a separate deep root fertilization injection to help prepare your vegetation to ward off disease and grow strong and robust. The soil in the Black Hills area including Rockerville is very dry and often nutrient deficient. Extra nourishment is needed to ensure your shrubbery thrives. At Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. we use high-quality, low salt, slow-release fertilizer, and inject it directly into the base of the tree under high pressure. Benefits of a Warne Chemical deep root injection include increased growth, improved color and density, and longevity of the plant. Contact Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. to learn more about our tree and shrub care program.

Other Lawn Care Services Warne Chemical Provides

Providing healthy landscapes for over 50 years, Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. offers a multitude of other lawn care and landscaping services including:

  • Five-Step Lawn Care Program
  • Customized Granular Fertilizer designed exclusively for our local region
  • Disease Control
  • Grub and Sod Webworm Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance Program
  • General Tree Spraying
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Pest Control
  • Industrial Vegetation Control
  • Shrub and Rock Bed Weed Control

If you live in the Rockerville area or beyond, please contact Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. and start providing your trees and shrubs with the tender loving care they deserve. Or reach out to us for a price quote on any of the services above.

Weed Control in Rockerville

Are the weeds in your Rockerville lawn getting out of control? Don’t let them ruin the beauty of your property! Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. offers a professional weed removal service that will get rid of weeds and prevent them from germinating in the future. Here’s what you can expect from our weed control in Rockerville:

-Year-round weed control: We don’t just offer a one-time weed treatment. Instead, we provide ongoing monitoring and treatments to keep your lawn looking great all year round.
-Customized solutions: We understand that different properties have different needs when it comes to weed control. That’s why we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific lawn and landscaping needs.
-EPA-approved herbicides: We only use EPA-approved herbicides, so you can rest assured that your lawn and the environment are safe.
-Pre-and-post emergent: Our lawn weed service includes both pre-and-post emergent treatments to ensure that weeds are stopped before they even start to grow.
Bed weed control: We’ll also take care of the weeds in your flower beds and other landscaping areas.
Lawn spraying: Our lawn spraying techniques are designed to target weeds while leaving your grass and other plants unharmed.

Common persistent weeds that are found in Rockerville and the surrounding areas include:

– Crabgrass: This weed can quickly take over your lawn and is particularly pervasive in areas that experience a lot of foot traffic or where the soil is compacted.
– Dandelions: These bright yellow flowers may look pretty, but they can quickly spread and take over large areas of your lawn.
– Thistle: This prickly weed can be difficult to get rid of and may require multiple treatments to fully eradicate.

Don’t let weeds ruin the beauty of your Rockerville lawn. Contact Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. today to learn more about our effective weed control solutions.

Tree & Shrub Care in Rockerville

Are you tired of seeing your trees and shrubs struggle to survive in Rockerville, SD? Look no further than Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. for all your tree and shrub care needs. Our expert team provides personalized care to promote healthier trees and ornamentals. Here are some features of our service:

Prevention, Protection, and Control: Our program includes annual fertilization, two spray applications for insects and disease, and deep root tree feeding to ensure your trees and shrubs are getting the nutrients they need.
– Quick Results: Our trained staff can properly diagnose and treat any problems quickly and effectively.
– Long-Lasting Treatments: Our high-quality, low salt, and slow-release fertilizers provide long-lasting nourishment for your trees and shrubs.

Don’t let your trees and shrubs suffer any longer. Call Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. today and experience the difference in our tree and shrub care services.

Pest Control in Rockerville

Looking for pest control in Rockerville, South Dakota? Look no further than Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. Our general pest control services cover a wide range of common household pests, including bed bugs, cockroaches, clover mites, millipedes, earwigs, spiders, cluster flies, termites, and much more.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose us as your exterminator:

Pest inspection and identification: Our experienced technicians will identify the pest problem and recommend a course of action.
Safe, effective treatments: We use the latest pest control products and techniques to get rid of pests while minimizing risks to your family and pets.
Recurring services: Don’t let pests come back! We offer recurring pest control services to keep your home free of pests year-round.
Peace of mind: With over 50 years of experience, you can trust us to handle your pest problems with care and professionalism.

Don’t let pests take over your home. Contact us today to schedule your pest inspection and take the first step towards a pest-free home in Rockerville, South Dakota.

Proudly Serving Rockerville for Over 50 Years

Rockerville, South Dakota, is full of history and culture. Named for the “rockers” that were used to separate placer gold from stream gravel, it was founded in 1876 as a result of a gold rush. It is also a short 15 minutes away from the historic Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln sit high upon the beauty of the Black Hills area, telling the story of rebirth, growth, development, and the preservation of our country.