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Superior Lawn Care for Your Rapid City Lawn

Superior Lawn Care for Your Rapid City Lawn

With plenty of open space here in the Western plains, we desire green, well-maintained lawns. Unfortunately, having a vibrant, healthy lawn takes work, and even the most well cared for turfs can fall prone to various diseases. Many of these diseases are not easy to identify or distinguish from other problems such as pests, inadequate irrigation, or poor cultural practices. Most of the diseases our Rapid City lawns experience stem from lack of irrigation. With our dryer climate here in South Dakota, our soil has a hard time holding in moisture and is often nutrient deficient. The most common diseases include:

  • Necrotic ring spot
  • Dollar Spot
  • Leaf Spot
  • Brown patch

When determining if your grass is suffering from one of the above diseases or has been afflicted by pests or local climate stress, look for the following signs:

  • Spots on leaves
  • Lesions on blades of grass
  • Brown patches
  • White or grey spots
  • areas of dead or dry looking grass

If your Rapid City lawn is positively identified as having a disease present, Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. is here to help. We will visit your property, do a complete analysis of your yard, and design a solution. We will identify any stress factors such as improper irrigation, inadequate fertilization, or soil compaction. Fungicide treatments may be needed and will be applied twice spaced out 14 to 21 days apart.

Get the Ultimate Lawn Protection With Your Five-Step Lawn Care Program

For the ultimate protection of your Rapid City lawn, we recommend a routine maintenance program. One that includes providing your turf with the appropriate amounts of fertilizer for nutrition, as well as insect and weed control. Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. offers a comprehensive five-step lawn care program that helps provide your lawn with the nourishment it needs to grow healthy and strong. It also provides the necessary protection needed to ward off damage from pests or climate stressors. Our five-step program includes fertilizer, weed control, iron-sulfur supplements to combat diseases, and spot treatments for the protection of sod webworms and billbugs.

Other Lawn Care Services Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. Provides

Providing healthy landscapes for over 50 years, Warne Chemical &Equipment Company, Inc. offers a multitude of other lawn care and landscaping services including:

  • Five-Step Lawn Care Program
  • Customized Granular Fertilizer designed exclusively for our local region
  • Disease Control
  • Grub and Sod Webworm Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance Program
  • General Tree Spraying
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Pest Control
  • Industrial Vegetation Control
  • Shrub and Rock Bed Weed Control

LIve in or around the Rapid City area? Learn more about any of these lawn care services including our comprehensive lawn care program by contacting the professionals at Warne Chemical & Equipment Inc. today. Because we believe a happy lawn is a healthy lawn.