Box Elder

Superior Lawn Care for Your Box Elder City Lawn

Proudly Serving the Box Elder Community for Over 50 Years

Box Elder, South Dakota, is home to both the past and today’s present. Here in Box Elder, we are privileged to house the amazing South Dakota Air and Space Museum, located just outside the Ellsworth Air Force Base’s main gate. Housed with artifacts of yesterday and treasures of today, the museum is a symbol of American history, and all the country and community of Box Elder has become. With all of these unique artifacts and exhibits to uphold, it’s no wonder the residents and businesses of Box Elder have no time for disease-ridden, irritating pests. Certain insects, pests, and termites can pose a threat not only to your home and family but to your property and landscape as well.

Your Box Elder Lawn Deserves Only the Best in Lawn Care

Your Box Elder lawn deserves a healthy lush lawn. To obtain this, we recommend our comprehensive five-step lawn care program. Warne Chemical & Equipment Company Inc.’s program offers the nourishment your turf needs to grow healthy and strong while receiving the protection needed to combat pests and resist damage from climate stressors. Using only the highest quality products, our five-step program includes fertilizer, weed control, iron-sulfur supplements, and spot treatments for the protection of sod webworms and billbugs. For more information on our lawn care program visit our Lawn Care page.

Eliminate Unwanted Guests With Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc.'s Superior Pest Control Services

The professionals at Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. have you covered. We can safely eliminate and prevent unwanted guests from your business or residence with our superior pest control services. Our technicians use only the highest quality products available on the market. These products are chosen based on their effectiveness and low odor. Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc.’s pest control services cover a range of pests, including:

  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Clover mites
  • Millipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Spiders
  • Cluster flies
  • Termites

Whether you are in the service industry, retail, or hospitality industry, the mere sight of a creepy-crawly insect could cost your business money. Termites alone can cost you millions of dollars in damage. Don’t allow this to happen. Contact the folks who know pests at Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc.

Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. Provides a Variety of Other Exceptional Services

Providing healthy landscapes for over 50 years, Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. offers a multitude of other lawn care and landscaping services including:

  • Five-Step Lawn Care Program
  • Customized Granular Fertilizer designed exclusively for our local region
  • Disease Control
  • Grub and Sod Webworm Control
  • Tree and Shrub Care Maintenance Program
  • General Tree Spraying
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Pest Control
  • Industrial Vegetation Control
  • Shrub and Rock Bed Weed Control

If you live in Box Elder or any of the surrounding areas, allow us to help eliminate pests and provide you with a healthy, robust landscape with any of our exceptional services listed above. For a price quote contact the professionals at Warne Chemical & Equipment Company, Inc. today.