Landscaping Ideas For A Minimalist Lifestyle in South Dakota

Tiny houses are at the forefront of the minimalist movement. In South Dakota, they are becoming more popular as people become conscious of their ecological footprint. The minimalist lifestyle is for those who want financial freedom, less maintenance, and mobility. It’s about spending less time inside and becoming closer to nature and our loved ones. Since you will be spending more time outside when living small, it’s a good idea to start a garden of some kind. But with minimal space, how can you grow enough food to make it worthwhile? Here are some landscaping ideas for minimalist living.

Window Boxes

Tiny living is all about utilizing space, and window boxes are a great way to add decoration to your tiny home or serve as a small garden without taking up any floor space. These can be permanent features or portable so you can bring your vegetables with you to your next adventure. Window boxes can be hung indoors or outdoors and are perfect for growing your own herb garden or flowers.

Flower Pots

Mobility is one of the main reasons people get into tiny homes. The ability to just pick up and go whenever the moment strikes you is very appealing to young homeowners. You may not be able to plant a traditional garden, but there are other ways to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Flower pots allow you to grow pretty much whatever you want, and it’s a lot less work than growing a traditional garden. There are fewer weeds, less bending over, and depending on how high the pot is, it can prevent pests like rabbits from chewing on your plants. When it’s time to move on, move the pots indoors and bring them back out again after you relocate.

Fire Pit

If the outdoors is supposed to be an extension of our living room, then a fire pit is the entertainment center. A tiny home may be too small to host a bunch of neighbors or friends, so a fire pit is a necessity for any person living a minimalist lifestyle. Permanent tiny homes can look more homey and attractive with a nicely designed fire pit, but if you’re on the go, there are also portable options as well. 

Lasagna Garden

Minimalist living is about embracing mother nature, and what better way to enjoy her fruits than by planting a garden. But starting a new garden is a lot of work. Cutting sod, removing rocks, adding fertilizer. It’s backbreaking work. Here’s a solution: Lasagna garden. Lasagna gardens are an eco-friendly way to create your own garden without any backbreaking labor.

In Box Elder, lasagna gardens are best made in the fall for use in the spring. Start by laying down leaves, grass clippings, and cardboard in alternating layers like a lasagna. You can continue to add to it throughout the season. Over the winter, the organic matter will break down, and by the time spring arrives, you will have a garden ready for planting.

Vertical Gardens

When living minimally, it is all about maximizing the space you have. Vertical gardens are a great way to save space and grow more of what you love, space savers. Vertical gardens are about building up. Some great objects to use as vertical gardens are milk crates, old furniture, and reusing wooden pallets.

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