Ideas To Spruce Up Your South Dakota Winter Landscapes

In the winter, our South Dakota landscapes start to look pretty drab and boring. Without any foliage, flowers, or color at all, our yards lose their curb appeal. There’s not much you can do except wait until the spring. That means selling your house in the winter can be a tough sell when buyers can’t see your yard for what it really is. That’s why the lawn care experts at Warne Chemical & Equipment Company have made this list of winter trees you can plant in your yard that will spruce up your winter landscapes and boost your winter curb appeal.

It’s About Color

When it comes to deciduous trees in the winter they can look pretty boring can’t they? After they lose all their leaves, there isn’t much to look at. When thinking about trees to plant in your South Dakota yard make sure you consider how the tree will look during all seasons. In the winter, deciduous trees have only one thing going for them; their bark. There are many trees out there that have interesting bark colors that stand out against a winter landscape. 

Quaking Aspen

Quaking Aspens are native to cold harsh climates. As they age, their bark changes to a greyish color that stands out in snowy landscapes. In the fall, its foliage changes to beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and gold. Because if it’s light-colored bark, quaking aspens are able to continue to collect sunlight through the bark and turn it into energy. 


When you think about winter landscapes, you probably picture evergreens heavy with fresh white snow. Evergreens include trees that do not lose their leaves in the winter. These include blue spruce, pine, cedar, and hemlock. Homeowners love to landscape with evergreens for many reasons.

  • They make excellent windscreens in the winter.
  • They can provide privacy from neighbors all year round.
  • A habitat for overwintering birds
  • They look beautiful against a white landscape

The all-time favorite evergreen is by far the blue spruce. Spruces are native to the mountains of Colorado and have everything you need in a good winter tree. Blue spruces provide great windshields and blinds any time of the year and are a favorite nesting spot for birds such as robins, siskins, nuthatches, crossbills, and chickadees. 

Berries and Fruit For Reds and Oranges

In the winter you may think that all the colors have gone for the year, but you’d be wrong. There are many trees out there that can add some missing color to your yard. Take a look at the trees listed below for examples. 

Sargent Crabapple

Crab apples are always a good choice to add color to your South Dakota yard and the Sargent Crabapple is no different. Its small compact size (6-10 feet) allows it to grow in almost any size yard. They can add a bit of interest in the spring and summer but in the winter is when they really put on a show.  After the leaves drop, the colorful red fruit takes center stage. These fruits can attract a wide range of songbirds, rabbits, deer, and foxes.

Snowdrift Crabapple

Snowdrift crab apples begin their displays of color in the spring when their white blossoms bloom. In the fall, interesting reddish-orange fruit clings to the tree throughout the winter, adding color to your yard. The fruit also attracts an assortment of songbirds and wildlife.

American Holly

A Christmas tradition, American Holly has much more to offer than just holiday traditions. Most people have heard of holly but not many have actually seen it as a plant. Holly is a small shrub that can grow 40-50’ tall. Plants of both sexes are required to produce their signature red fruit. The fruit attracts wildlife such as wild turkeys, songbirds, grouse, and quail throughout the winter. American holly prefers to be planted in hardiness zones 5-9.

Caring For Your Trees

Trees can live for a long time. They can even outlive us — if we take care of them properly. That means being vigilant for signs of pests, diseases, and drought. Not everyone is seasoned in the art of spotting tree diseases or harmful pests. That’s why we recommend getting professional help to take care of your trees.

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