How to Fix My Lawn

We know that South Dakota homeowners take pride in their lawns. But many people don’t know the proper lawn care methods to achieve a beautiful yard. At Warne Chemical, we like to educate our community on lawn care and weed control so that they can manage their own landscapes. 

What Does My Lawn Need?

When you step outside and look over your lawn it can be hard to know where to start. The one thing our lawns need in the spring is lawn fertilization. But the one question most homeowners have is “what kind of lawn fertilizer do I use?” Before you can answer that question you must first figure out what your soil pH levels are. Here in South Dakota, most of our state has alkaline soils. That means soil pH is above 7.0. However, there are many areas of the state where soils are more acidic. Knowing your soil’s pH balance is important in choosing the right fertilizer. You can learn about your soil’s pH by performing a soil test or having a professional do it for you. 

Signs of Lawn Damage 

It can be initially difficult to tell that your lawn has an issue. If you start to notice any brown or dead patches or any discoloration at all, it could be signs of lawn pests or lawn disease. Common lawn diseases such as brown patch and dollar spot are caused when your grass is wet for too long. Make sure your grass is drying out during the day and check to make sure water is draining properly. 

Lawn Care For Spring

Spring is all about new growth and new opportunities. Now is the perfect time to get your yard in shape for the months ahead. There are three main areas of spring lawn care; lawn fertilization, weed control, and pest control. 

Lawn Fertilization

Now that you know your soil pH levels you can choose the appropriate fertilizer for your lawn care needs. Fertilizing your lawn in the spring will promote thick and green foliage which will make it more resistant to weeds and pests. Before you purchase fertilizer, be sure you know what grass type you currently have and whether it is a warm-season or cold-season variant. 

Weed Control

The next chore you need to tackle is weed control. Weeds can make a mess of your yard and ruin your curb appeal. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could be fighting an endless battle and wasting lots of money. Weed control in South Dakota starts in the early spring. The seeds of last year’s weeds are already lying in your soil just waiting for the chance to germinate. Weeds grow faster than our grass, allowing them to take over quickly. By applying pre-emergent weed control, you can kill these weeds before they get a chance to sprout. 

Lawn Insect Control

Lawn insects are also on the move in the spring. Pests such as webworms, billbugs, and grub are common lawn destroying insects that can be found in our yards. Grubs are the number one destroyers of lawns in South Dakota. 

Billbugs: Billbugs are small black beetles that feed on the roots of your grass blades. Their feeding can cause brown patches in July or August.

Webworms: webworms are the larvae of moths that feed on the leaves and stems of grass under the cover of darkness. Their feeding can create “scalped” areas of your lawn. 

Grubs: Grubs are the number one lawn-destroying insect in South Dakota. So it makes sense that grub control is our most requested pest service. Grubs are the larvae of June bugs that mature in late spring and early summer to feed on your trees and shrubs at night. By the end of the summer, they return to the ground and lay a new batch of eggs that will hatch and infest your lawn in the spring. When the larvae hatch they immediately start feeding on the roots of your grass and can destroy large swaths of grass and can even kill an entire yard. Seeing a few grubs here and there when you’re planting is normal but if you see more than a dozen inside a square foot then you should call in a professional grub control service

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