How to Control Broadleaf Weeds in the Fall

Homeowners in Rapid City, South Dakota tend to think that when fall arrives it means the end of their lawn care duties. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Fall is an important time to tend to the needs of your lawn and get it prepared for winter so that it thrives in the spring. In the fall, weeds are entering a stage where they aggressively hoard water and nutrients and store it for winter. Broadleaf weeds can grow just about anywhere but they are very easy to identify in your yard. Some common weeds in our area include:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelion
  • Plantain
  • Chickweed
  • Bindweed
  • Lambsquarters

Use Post Emergent Sprays

The best way to control established broadleaf weeds this fall is by spot treating with post-emergent weed killer. As we mentioned, in the fall weeds are quickly gathering up nutrients. This is because they are trying to pull off one more bloom before winter. If they succeed, the weeds will disperse hundreds of thousands of seeds across your lawn. These seeds will lay in wait until the warm temperatures of spring stir them into germination. By attacking fall weeds before they go to seed will make your life a lot easier in the spring and ensure your lawn has a healthy head start.

Follow Proper South Dakota Irrigation Methods

You may not think to water your yard much in the fall since it’s the end of the growing season. That may be the case for your garden but not for your lawn. Many cool-season types of grass begin to grow around this time of year and still need to be taken care of. South Dakota summers can put a lot of stress on our grass. Stressed grass is an easy target for weeds hoping to squeeze in and crowd out your grass. If you keep your lawn properly hydrated you can ensure your grass remains thick and healthy and able to fend off pesky weeds trying to sneak in.

Fertilize Properly

During fall, your grass will be trying to recover from a long hot summer, so you’ll want to give it a hand by fertilizing your lawn. It is ideal to fertilize your lawn in the spring and fall because this is when cool-season grasses do the most growing. Depending on your soil pH and the type of grass you have in your lawn, you will need to get the appropriate fertilizer with the right balance. By keeping your grass fertilized it will remain thick and healthy and prevent weeds from staking a claim. 

Mowing Tips

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can pack the lawnmower in the back of the shed yet. To help your lawn get stronger it is recommended that you let your grass grow a little longer in the fall. This will encourage deep root growth and result in thicker grass which will prevent new weeds from germinating. Keep cool-season grasses around 3”- 4” and warm-season grasses around 2”- 3”. Make sure your mower blades are sharp and not tearing your grass which can cause brown tips.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control

When it comes to fall weed control, timing is important. Most of the weeds you will encounter in the spring and summer are seeds that were deposited there the previous fall. Once the spring returns, these seeds germinate and can crowd out your grass before it has a chance to even green-up. Pre-emergent herbicides are used to prevent seeds from germinating. Here in Rapid City, South Dakota, It is best used in fall and again in spring to ensure no weeds germinate. This will allow your grass to green and thicken up without competition from invasive weeds.

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