Pests That Invade Our Homes As The Weather Gets Colder

With the onset of fall weather, we’re enjoying a respite from the extreme heat of summer. It’s college football season and time to break out the sweaters. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of fall is insect invasion. You might have noticed an influx of pests in your home already. That’s because insects will seek out warmer environments where they can shelter over winter. In many cases, that warmer environment is our homes, garages, and other buildings. Thankfully, you can keep them out by hiring a professional pest control company.


With their many legs and rapid movements, spiders are one of the creepiest bugs to find in our homes. Outside, they are actually helpful in controlling other pests like flies. But indoors, they make many of us afraid. And some spiders, like the black widow, can be dangerous to have in your home. If you didn’t know, the bite of the black widow could cause major health issues in humans, and it can easily kill any pets in your home. The easiest way to protect your family and fur babies is with a perimeter pest control application, which will stop spiders from entering your home in the first place.

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Constantly battling pests in your home can feel overwhelming. Home should be a place of refuge from the world, not a place where bugs make you feel on edge. You can trust the experts at Warne Chemical & Equipment Company to protect your property.

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