Tanks, Tanks, Tanks

Did you know Warne Chemical & Equipment Company Inc. has a full line of above-ground Polyethylene Tanks? Many styles and sizes ranging from 3 gallons to 10,500-gallon tanks!
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Why Polyethylene?

  • Durable and strong
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • The flexibility of the material allows for different styles & dimensions
  • Looks new for longer
  • No need for poly liners like typically found in steel tanks

“Polyethylene is also recyclable and reusable, making them the green material of choice in the 21st century.” – National Poly Industries

What are these tanks used for?

  • Water transport
  • Fertilizer
  • Liquid Feed
  • Hauling of Liquid Products
  • Storing Chemicals

What are some of the different styles of Polyethylene Tanks?

Freestanding Leg Tanks

These bolt down to a flatbed truck or trailer.
35 gallon – 4250 gallon

Vertical Tanks

Used for storage.
65 gallon – 10,500 gallon

Horizontal Tanks

Used for liquid transport.
35 gallon – 1010 gallon

Elliptical Tanks & Cradles

Excellent tank for spraying systems with a shallow sump to provide complete drainage.
200 gallon – 1000 gallon

UTV Tanks

55 – 100 gallon regular low profile UTV tanks
*Ultra low profile tanks with sump (50 gallon -75 gallon)(pictured)

ATV Tanks (Most Popular)

Shaped for ATV. Used for spraying.
16 – 24.5 gallon Jackrabbit

Pin Mount Horizontal Leg Tanks

Commonly used as sprayer tank or liquid transport tank.
Can also be mounted to flatbed truck or trailer.
800 gallon

Utility tanks

Designed to go between doorways in homes and buildings.
250 gallon – 1000 gallon

Specialty Tanks

Loaf style, Free standing,
3 gallon to 60 gallon

Clean Water Tanks

Tanks that go on the side of trucks or trailers to wash hands and face with.
Hand wash valve, universal mounting, easy filling, UPS shippable.
3 gallon – 9 gallon

Low Profile Tanks

Designed to fit either on a flatbed truck or in dump truck.
1275 gallon – 2400 gallon

Pickup Style Applicator tanks

Includes tank mounting brackets
Pump engine & hose reel mount on top of the tank
200 gallon – 400 gallon

Cone Inductor Tanks

These types of tanks are for chemical induction into the sprayers that the agricultural sprayers use in the field.
15 gallon – 110 gallon
**15 gallon can be shipped via UPS

Pickup Tanks Round

Designed to fit between the wheel wells of a pickup truck.
200 gallon – 400 gallon

Interested in any of these tanks?

Call 605-342-7644 and ask for Timm, Lester, Mark, Bill or Vic to order!